Global Warming: Fallacies and Substantial Doubt is a DVD of a live presentation made at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey, on March 28, 2006, by William A. Hoffman III, Ph.D. Dr. Hoffman's background in Chemistry in industry and academia brings the audience a unique perspective on the science behind the claims of global warming proponents, and the rhetorical manipulation of information by these proponents to gain social and political ends. The DVD is offered in a mailer for $9.99 and in a jewel box for $11.99. ORDER BELOW

Land Animals: Important CO2 Source(MPEG)

This entertaining and challenging presentation is a valuable resource for the global warming skeptic who would like to hear - and see - how the data has been used and misused, how some important data actually disproves a causal effect - so-called "forcing" - and gather information to protect themselves against a well-funded quasi-religious movement which seeks to alter society in the name of the environment, while the movement achieves status as the high priests of environmental protection. It is also for the rare proponents who want to really come to grips with the issues.

A few key highlights...

The data does not support an abnormal level of warming. Anecdotal evidence of warming in places that make for nice movies does not rise to the level of proof of anything, much less a cause-and-effect relationship with carbon dioxide levels.

One reason the earth is habitable is that it does not radiate each day's solar heating away on the night side. It is believed that water vapor is the major reason for this heat retention, which leads to an average temperature of 15C instead of -17C. So global warming is both natural and normal, while Global Warming is re-defined by its proponents as something unnatural, abnormal - Man-Made - and even so, not accounting for 1 new degree of temperature.

• Important information on natural, accelerated carbon dioxide production is presented and shown to amount to 40% of that ascribed to industrial activity, and it is believed that other sources have been overlooked in the zealous anti-industrial approach of most global warming publicists.

• A new hypothesis is presented that explains why some carbon dioxide adds to the atmosphere total, and some does not. Among the key points: cars are not a major contributor, and - as far as curbing CO2 is concerned - it is a waste of time and effort to put pressure on automobile fuel efficiency.

• The fallacies of the popular literature are designed to scare, not convince; to create momentum for reducing our standard of living in the name of Mother Earth, not to engage in a proper scientific dialog; to generate a movement and schism in society in the name of uniting us in defense of the environment. The environment may be under duress, but it has been so for millions of years. People are not intruders who need to justify themselves to "Mother" Earth or to other people who presume to speak for it.

If you've had it up to here listening to those who can't predict tomorrow's weather in the mid-West telling you how the whole world will be 100 years from now (or is it next year?), and you'd like to have some insight into how the science is being "fudged" to make each new set of predictions look more like reality, you owe it to yourself to get the DVD "Global Warming: Fallacies and Substantial Doubt"

Yes, Veronica, there really are fallacies...and there is solid scientific basis for substantial doubt.

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